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NCPCR Manual 

SSC Model Papers by SCERT-AP

First Language  Telugu (SET-1)      Telugu (SET-2)      Com Telugu        Com Sanskrit       Urdu (set-1)       Urdu (Set-2)     FLHindi

Second Language  Hindi (Set-1)       Hindi (Set-2)      SLTelugu

Third Language     English (Set-1)       English (Set-2)

Maths TM     Maths TM Set-2     Social EM Set-2    Maths EM

PS TM (Set-1)    PS TM (Set-2)  PS EM (Set-1)  PS EM (Set-2)

Biology TM  Biology EM

Social TM    Social EM    Social EM Set-2

ML Sanskrit Paper-1  ML Sanskrit Paper-2

Subject wise syllabus for SSC exams 2021 – SCERT

01T 02T Telugu syllabus        101U 02U Urdu Syllabus        01H 02H Hindi Syllabus      03T Com Telugu Syllabus        04S Com Sanskrit Syllabus      09H Hindi Syllabus    13E 14E English sYLLABUS       15 16 Maths EM TM Syllabus      19 PhyScience EM TM Syallabus        20 Biology EM TM Syllabus       21 22 Social RM TM Syllabus        23 ML Sanskrit Syllabus

Academic Calendars 2020-21 :

For Upper Primary / High Schools APPLICATION FOR ISSUE OF TC BOOK

National Educational Policy 2019 Draft   English  Telugu

Co-curricular Subjects              Syllabus

Co-curricular Subjects Evaluation Indicators       Click here

Ethics and Value Education :       1-5 classes,       6-8 classes,        9,10 classes.

Work Experience and ICT :           1-5 classes,       6-8 classes,       9,10 classes.

Health and Physical Education : 1-5 classes,       6-8 classes,       9,10 classes.

Art and Cultural Education :        1-5 classes,       6-8 classes,       9,10 classes.